I had to Re-blog this! News today showed that Lassa Fever has spread to 17 States in Nigeria, Let’s be watchful. The only way to combat this “killer virus” is to continue to spread the information to people, neighbors, friends. Let’s be watchful! Be your brother’s keeper, Read and share. Report any case of illness to the doctor immediately! God Bless Nigeria!!! Love you all.



Lassa fever or Lassa hemorrhagic fever (LHF) is a highly infectious rat-borne illness caused by Lassa virus. It is an  acute viral hemorrhagic fever and was named after Lassa in Borno State, Nigeria where it was first discovered. Approximately 15%-20% of patients hospitalized for Lassa fever die from the illness.

The “multimammate rat” (Mastomys natalensis) is the carrier of Lassa virus which is present in their urine. These rodents easily colonize human homes especially areas where food items are stored to scavenge on leftover food items or poorly stored food thereby shedding their urine and droppings into the food.


Lassa Virus is transferred to humans by:

  • Eating contaminated food items.
  • Inhaling tiny particles in the air contaminated with infected rodent excretions.
  • Touching contaminated objects or materials.
  • Exposure to open cuts or sores.
  • Eating rodents as food.
  • Person-to-person transmission may occur after exposure to virus in the blood, tissue, secretions, or excretions…

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