Working knickers and pulling knickers on line

Hello Ladies, our undies are precious and also very important to our health and thus must be adequately taken care of. Today i’ll share with you some health tips for your underwear and you! READ & SHARE!!!

  • Avoid wearing tight underwear because it limits the airflow to your privates and won’t let it “breathe” thus  promoting chafing of the skin and vaginal irritation.
  • Cotton panties are the best because of their “breathability” as synthetic  ones are not breathable and tend to hold onto moisture which can lead to skin irritation, bacterial or yeast infection. But you can wear synthetic undies as long as the vaginal area is lined with cotton.
  • Wash your panties separately and with skin-friendly detergents and rinse away the detergent thoroughly because detergent weakens the fibers of the material.
  • Dry your undies naturally, avoid using machine dryer or other forms of drying.
  • Wash new undies before wearing them in order to get rid of  potential chemical residues that might be harmful to the skin.
  •  Avoid dry cleaning your undies or using bleach because it can expose you to harsh chemicals that can cause allergic skin reactions.
  • Avoid wearing damp panties especially if you sweat a lot because your underwear can trap moisture thus increasing your risk of having a yeast infection. You can wear a panty liner so that if you can’t change underwear, at least you can change the panty liner or take it off.
  • Avoid wearing thongs as it enhances the movement of colon bacteria (E.coli) from the anus into the vagina thus increasing the risk of vaginal and urinary infections.
  • Always pay attention to the stains and discharge on your panties as this will alert you quickly if something is wrong.
  • Avoid wearing  waist trainers or shapewears as it  can impinge on your nerves and reduce blood circulation thus increasing your risk of health complications. Read my post on it here
  • Sleeping naked at night is healthy as it gives your privates a chance to air out and breathe but do not go “commando” during the day because natural moisture produced by the vagina has nowhere to go and nothing to absorb it when you’re not wearing an underwear.

Thank you for reading! Merry Christmas and a Prosperous new year in advance. Love y’all.