Hi friends, i bet you didn’t think taking salt would have any side effect but well, it does if you take it excessively and i’ll be sharing them with you on today’s post.

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Salt is good, we use it for food preservation, to enhance food flavor and make it tastier and to supply sodium to the body.

Sodium is needed by the body for some purposes such as to maintain fluid balance, assist the digestive system to absorb nutrients, contracting the muscles and help with nerve impulse transmission. However, various health risks have been associated with excessive eating of salt and salty foods such as fast food, potato chips, bread, cereals, canned foods etc.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: excess consumption of salty foods increases the blood pressure thus making the heart to do more work which can cause damage to blood vessels & heart muscles and eventually leading to heart diseases/failure.

KIDNEY STONES: diet rich in salty foods can cause more calcium to accumulate in the urine thus increasing the risk of having kidney stones. Excessive calcium excretion in the urine can also increase the risk of bone thinning and eventually leading to osteoporosis.

WATER RETENTION: high consumption of salty foods makes the body retain water which can result in edema (swelling of arms, ankles, legs)

HEART ATTACK: diet rich in salty foods can reduce blood flow to the heart thus increasing the risk of heart attack.

STROKE: diet rich in salty foods can reduce blood flow to the brain thus increasing the risk of stroke.

CANCER & STOMACH ULCERS: salty foods increases the risk of developing gastric cancer and stomach ulcers.

OBESITY: salty foods tends to be high in fat and calories resulting in excess total calorie intake, overweight and obesity.

The best way to prevent these is to avoid salty foods, stop adding table salt to your meals. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other natural foods and season dishes with low-sodium seasoning blends and natural herbs.

Don’t forget that a HEALTHY PERSON is a HAPPY PERSON and MODERATION in eating SALTY FOODS is the KEY! Love y’all.