HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Today, i’ll be sharing the second part of how you may be unknowingly poisoning your child. READ, ENJOY & SHARE!!!

A popular saying goes:“You are what you eat”, well, this saying might just turn out to be true for our children as they might just end up becoming obese and unhealthy as a result of the foods we give them. without further ado, i’ll quickly share few of the bad foods we give to these children and what we are actually supposed to be giving them.


Processed foods: i’m not going to be mentioning names but we know them! these types of foods contains high content sugar, salt and fat that is bad for children.

Breakfast Cereals: most of these so-called cereals even the supposed whole-grain types can be full of sugars and calories with only small amount of fiber.

Hot dogs: highly processed meats like hot dogs & bologna contains high levels of nitrites, salt and saturated fats which increases the risk of cancer, heart diseases, stroke & diabetes.

French fries, pastries, potato chips, cheese snack, pizza: contains high fat and sodium and just make them add weight.

Candies, sweets and lollipops: contains basically sugar, artificial colors & flavors which is harmful to the teeth and causes poor oral health.

Fast foods and chicken nuggets: contains additives and trans fat that are bad for health.

Ketchup: contains basically corn syrup & sugar and not tomatoes.

Packaged pastas like macaroni, cheese, spaghetti & noodles: these foods lacks fiber and essential nutrients and also contain high level of sodium in one serving than is recommended for a child in a day.

Others include: jam, junks and other salty & sugary foods.


Fish: contains vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids which protects the brain.

Fruits and vegetables: contains antioxidants and minerals essential for your child’s health.

Flax seed: contains omega-3 fatty acids useful for brain development.

Oatmeal: contains protein and fiber

Sweet potatoes: rich in vitamin A which acts as antioxidant and also good for the eyes.

others include: carbohydrates, Milk, eggs, nuts and seeds, low-sugar & salt cereals, beans etc.

Thanks for reading. love you.