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Dear Mum/Dad/Uncle/Aunt, thank you for being so good but sometimes in your bid to placate, “give a treat” or make them quiet so as not to disturb u, blah blah.. you give these children foods and/or drinks that are actually doing more harm than good to their health. Yes, most of us are guilty of this!!!

However, i will be sharing some of these bad drinks and share that of food in the next episode.


  1. Sweetened drinks/Artificially colored drinks: we know them, we buy them but these drinks are actually HARMFUL to our children. These drinks contain high calories and apart from making our children OVERWEIGHT, they also cause POOR ORAL HEALTH such as tooth erosion and decay.
  2. Sodas, Sport drinks, Energy drinks, Flavored/Mineral water: all these drinks contains loads of sugar and are high in certain minerals that can stress your child’s kidneys.
  3. Soft drinks: contains huge amount of calories and no nutrients and also make a child feel full and thus unable to eat. Also causes poor oral health.
  4. Fruits juices: you thought it’s good  afterall it’s just fruit in a bottle, right? well, sorry to disappoint you but they are bad for your children! they contain a high load of sugar!!! Children do not need fruit juice (even if it is home-made) to get a balanced diet so stop of plying them with UNHEALTHY DRINKS!
  5. Herbal teas, coffees: tea and coffee contains caffeine which can affect your child’s sleep, behavior and development.


  1. Water: encourage your children to take lots of water, it is good for the body metabolism, quench thirst and also doesn’t contain sugar.
  2. Breastmilk: this is the best drink for infants below 6months and you can include infant formulas after 6months.
  3. Milk: milk is essential for children’s growth and development but avoid giving too much milk as it can fill children up and lead to poor appetite. Also avoid flavored milk, give them plain milk. You can also give them almond milk, soy milk or rice milk as long as it contains low sugar.
  4. Fruits and Vegetables: instead of giving them fruits juices, give them fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy and balanced diet.

To make it fun: you can give them warm milk with honey as it is soothing, warming, and delicious. You can also dilute juice with water for a special occasion drink that won’t increase your children’s blood sugar. Occasionally, home-made fruit juice may be a treat also.

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