I’m sure you are excited to read this! Well, you are reading right, it’s been medically proven that sex does have some health benefits so not only does it feels great, it’s also beneficial to your body. Therefore, when next you want to “do it” think about all the benefits your body will be

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  1. Sex helps to boost your Immune system: regular sex helps to increase the production of antibodies which helps the body in fighting against diseases and infections.
  2. Sex helps to reduce stress and anxiety: when you are stressed up and need a relief, sex is the
  3. Sex helps to reduce menstrual cramps: regular sex brings about lighter period with little or no cramps.
  4. It also boosts your Libido: regular sex increases libido and also makes sex more enjoyable. it also increases vaginal lubrication, blood flow and elasticity in women which makes sex more better.
  5. It helps to improve bladder control in women: contractions during orgasm helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  6. Regular sex reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases: sex increases your heart rate thus reducing the risk of a heart attack.
  7. Sex helps to maintain a balance in your estrogen and testosterone levels.
  8. Sex lowers the blood pressure
  9. Sex gives you a youthful glow: sex enhance the release of estrogen and testosterone which promotes youthful look and skin.
  10. It promotes intimacy between you and your partner
  11. It promotes good sleep
  12. It reduces pain: orgasm can reduce back pain, leg pain, menstrual pain, arthritic pain in women.
  13. It reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men as a result of frequent ejaculation.
  14. Sex is also a form of exercise because it increases the heart rate.

Now that you know, keep having sex BUT DON’T OVERDO IT!!!