sour sop

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Sour sop also known as graviola fruit is probably one of the best fruits ever due to it’s many health benefits and ability to prevent and cure diseases.
Every part of the sour sop tree is absolutely USEFUL!!

Sour sop contains:

  • Potassium which helps in the prevention of cramps
  • Magnesium which helps to prevent water retention before menstrual period in women
  • Thiamin which helps in energy production in the body
  • Copper which helps to protect the bones
  • Niacin which helps in maintaining good cholesterol level
  • Folic acid which helps in preventing complications during pregnancy
  • Iron which helps to prevent anaemia
  • Riboflavin which helps to prevent headaches and migraines.


  • sour sop seed is useful in the treatment of vomiting


  • Decocotion of the leaves is useful in the treatment of headlice, gout, backpain and bedbugs
  • Crushed leaves can be used to enhance quick healing of wounds
  • Decocotion of leaves is also used in treatment of cough, catarrh, diarrhea, dysentery, fever & indigestion
  • Mashed leaves is also used in treatment of eczema, rheumatism and other skin infections


  • Effective in the treatment of urethritis, haematuria, cancer,leprosy & liver diseases
    Also prevents the growth of cancer cells


  • Used as poison antidote